For me, this word is rich with meaning. It goes beyond the obvious. It dips into self awareness, objective viewership, emotional awareness and boundary setting. It’s a heavy word in many ways as it calls for the mindful to do deep work.IMG_7382

To be truly mindful we need to be clear minded, unbiased, awake to the subtleties, in touch with our hearts. 

To embrace mindfulness we must step up to the plate of truth and not fear the truth bombs that come flying at us. If you fear them they will; wind you,knock you off your feet, or break your nose. You can’t run from the truth you fear, it will follow you wherever you go. Even into your dreams. But if you stand on that plate, arms at your side, with deep breathes of release and trust, that truth will explode as it meets you and shower you in acceptance and unconditional love. 

To be mindful we must consistently question ourselves. This is different from doubt. Doubt can be negative and is most often unserving. But to question ourselves opens us up to see the other side. It allows us to view the bigger picture and step away from mi-optic vision. 

To  be mindful we must breath. We must breath our heads into our hearts. For it’s the heart mind that is really doing the viewing when we are living in mindfulness. 

When we are viewing from our heart space we are compassionate. We are open to discussion. We are OK with being wrong. We make decisions from a place of love. When we are living from our heart space we don’t take things personally. We let go of grudges. We hug like we mean it and the love we are emitting is reflected back at us.

To be mindful is to slow down. To turn off. To unplug. To sense when we are becoming unbalanced and then act on it to tip the scales, before the unbalance turns into an ailment. 


To be mindful one needs to find their form of meditation. Whether this be running, skating, biking, singing, playing, swinging, dancing, climbing, jumping, swimming, sitting, digging, breathing. Whatever it looks like for you… do it with intention and with heart. 

I work at coming into mindfulness everyday. I break apart pieces of me that don’t serve this and rebuild what does. 

In mindfulness you are both humble and strong. 

Eventually the ego submits and love conquers.  


Full moon love. 




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