I am here to awaken your wild woman within! Guiding you to release your self limiting beliefs and societal restraints, so that that you are free to express your wild instinctual self and live a soul guided life.

“You were wild once, don’t let them tame you” Isadora Duncan 

Why Wild Wellness?

I grew up the good girl, the yes girl, the girl who aimed to please everyone while betraying her own soul. I gave away my dreams, my body, my love, all to feel like I was worthy of receiving the same back. I was conditioned by my upbringing and by society. I wanted people ( mostly men) to think I was beautiful, smart, perfect… yet I had no respect for myself. I battled bulemia for over a decade, I would cry when I looked in the mirror. My body was something I needed to fix and control, it was my enemy.

But even amongst all this, I never lost my connection to nature. SHE was my return back home. SHE loved me for who I was and slowly taught me to love myself as well.

I struggled for many years with unserving habits, addictions and self limiting beliefs. Always falling back into them when life got shitty. After my divorce from a 7 year marriage I lived by myself for the first time. It was during these days that really began my journey into my Wild Wellness.

From that point I dived into my lifelong interest in earth based spiritualities. Exploring and growing my faith based on expereince. I’ve studied and lived the Shamanic Arts, Buddhism, Druidry, Wicca, Norse Shamanism and more. I am a whole food enthusiast, recognizing that food is medicine and that what we eat feeds our bodies and our spirit. I am a mountain lover and post ultra marathon runner, my longest race being 125km through the northern Alberta mountains.

Wild Wellness is how I live. It is my daily practice and continual path. As I grow, it grows.

“She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire” Charles Bukowski

What is Wild Wellness?

I invite you to close your eyes, inhale and fill your lungs, and exhale loud and audible, a cleansing breath. With your eyes closed, see yourself… the highest version of yourself, you are radiant, light. You feel powerful, whole, wise and wild. You live a soul guided life, free of ego and guilt. You are connected to the earth, you work with its natural cycles and rhythms. You are grounded through ritual and self care, you treat your body as a consort and care for it’s needs. You are tuned into your sexuality, you know what you like and what you don’t like. You speak you truth and ask when you need. You are courageous and wild, raw and fierce. You are Wild Woman.

This is Wild Wellness. Flowing with the cycles of the moon, drawing on the teaching of the four directions, listening to the land, the waters, and the air. Returning to ritual and ceremony as an act of celebration and commitment to spirit.

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