Chiang Mai at last

With no more that 4 hours of scattered sleep in the last 24hrs, I’m soooo ready for bed! But I couldn’t help but share, my heart is full from the kindness and genuine smiles I’ve received along the way. When finally reaching my guest house, the doors were locked and I had no ph0ne. There’s this fantastic little bar just around the corner full of tattooed and transient types, with Bob Dylan and Bob Marley over the speakers… I knew these were my people. A kind man made the phone call for me, but no one picked up, so he walked with me back to the guest house and helped me discover a service buzzer. I was tired enough that I was prepared to sleep outside the gate on the street, I’m grateful for my little bed!!

Seeing the earth from such great heights always blows my mind. I remember, a whole body remembering, that we are a globe, floating in a vast and unknown universe! I remember that we are part of something SOO much bigger than us! A strong sense of global community came over me, recognizing how small the globe was, how easily connected we are. Remember too that we are still so new at this! It wasn’t that long ago that the only mode of transportation across the ocean was a boat! I’d like to give us some credit, and an applause. We are a commplicated species, and this global community thing isn’t an easy task. We’re only babies, still figuring out how to make this work.

It’s time to say good night, (rahdree sawat)

blessings (jong jareun)

PS. Check out how cute my room is!




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