Come gather in sisterhood as we awaken and celebrate the WILD and DIVINE feminine!

Re-member your wild essence!

Re-claim your freedom!

Re-connect with the land!

With ONLY 60 TICKETS available, every sister has a chance to be heard and seen!

Nourish your wild soul with us!

Photo Credit: @kateslens of Jada Fire

Ram Rides Campground, Nordegg

July 27-30th, 2023

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Sandypines campground, Boston Bar

August 24-27th, 2023

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Vendors Application 2023

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Our Sponsors

My name is Leah Hyatt but better known as Mystic Mana. Mana is the name I have gone by for over 11 years as it was gifted to me by my beautiful granddaughter. Mana means magic and that is exactly what I am. I first got into crystals in 2019 to help ease my stress, although I have been fascinated with all types of rocks from a very young age thanks to my dad and my love of witchcraft. The descriptions of the stones’ properties really intrigued me. Once I began to work with the crystals more and more, I found a huge shift in my energy, attitude, and mood in such a positive way. From that point I amassed a huge collection for my self (I am a little obsessed). Through lots of online research, courses, books and my own personal experience with my crystals, I have expanded my knowledge and was inspired to share my love and passion for crystals with others. I was able to connect with ethical wholesalers and I can sell at very reasonable price. All my Crystals are cleared and cleansed before they go out and packaged with beautiful loving intentions. My love of crystals led me to Reiki and Crystal Healing, I now infuse that magical energy into all things I do. I have been a practicing witch for over 20 years but have only been out in the public eye for 2 years, so I also carry magical, meaningful altar items and anything witchy, as well as my vast knowledge to offer you. Through my love of witchcraft, I have developed a Witches Retreat Center – safe for all! We offer retreats, classes and crafts for those New Brooms just beginning up to more advance practices and rituals. Re-awaken your Witch Within with crystals, guidance, and support.


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“I meet you here where the earth touches my feet πŸ‘£
I see you as the witness by the trees 🌲
I hold you sister as the mountains cradle me β›°
In love and play may we gather sacredly βœ¨πŸ™
What a beautiful experience, just WOW!
My beautiful soul sister ✨Monika Pelz and I attended the SHE IS WILD FEST this weekend and I still have yet to find words to fully express my gratitude
Love, tears, laughter, play and some of the deepest – most authentic healing I have experienced β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή
I am forever grateful for all of my sisters
For sisterhood
For the women who embrace their wild power and use it to empower others – to heal 🀲🏼
For the opportunity to be vulnerable, to express my true nature; the wild child I am and always will be
I will never forget this magical weekend dancing barefoot in the forest and howling at the moon πŸŒ™πŸ‘£

– Cassena Naketa

“I have never been to a spiritual retreat before. She Is Wild was SO much more for me. I learned so much from the teachers about new ways of living and practices. It was so healing and beautiful and creative. I started practicing self-care more and really listening to my inner voice. I started to become aware of what I believed in vs what I had been conditioned to think. Who knew the retreat would foster a tiny seed that has now led to me changing jobs, moving across Canada closer to family, healing intergenerational conflict (yep! we all have it) and ultimately finding peace. I thank each person who shared their story and space. Each of you inspired me to stay AWAKE. Much love Colleen Reid for organizing and maintaining this dream.”

-Molly Clancey

This was an incredible experience. I went alone and had no idea what to expect. I was welcomed and accepted as I am. I broke through barriers I had only ever dreamed of. I connected with women in a way that rarely exists. At first I felt super scared but I quickly felt honored and powerful. This event was a milestone in my life. I was in a severe accident on the way home from the event and due to the peace I had found there, I swear it is why I survived.. I know that sounds crazy but there was this energy..this moment… I can’t explain.
If you are thinking about going.. go. It changes you.
You are feeling called for a reason, that’s why you are here reading this.
This is for ANY person, if you are curious about the power within you that you know exists.
To this event and the people who created it…
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I highly recommend this. ❀️

Kylye Ann Ralston

Friends! It’s been a week since I had all of you shoot love and support my way as I headed to SHE IS WILD FEST!! And it has taken me a week to process everything! Where do you begin to sum up an experience that takes your soul out, washes it and then puts it back in?
I created my first blog to talk about this epic experience and hope to encourage your own sense of wild through it!
I let my boobs hang out and howled like a wolf, came home with feathers weaved into my hair, a million misquito bites, mud in my toes, a desire to sing again- and yes, a little bit wilder. This was a time of ritual, reflection, discomfort, and healing but how I can sum it up best was, a divine surrendering. Surrendering versions of myself. Surrendering my body. Surrendering my grief.
I actually believe that in the surrendering, there was a remembering. A remembering who I was, who I am and who I will be.
If you want to hear about how I walked joyfully through horse shit, read it here:
They have another one in September in B,C if you feel called!
Thanks for the love friendsπŸ’–

Michelle Minke Psychic Medium
Video Credit @kateslens_

It’s your time to rise wild priestess!
Say YES to the primal and wild woman that lives within you and ground into self-love and the sacred expression of your soul.

Terms and Conditions

*Tickets are non-refundable.*

If you decide that you can’t make the event please contact me and we will work together to sell your ticket. Please do not sell your ticket without contacting me as only those whose names are on the list will be allowed entry.


This event is open and inclusive to all those who identify as a woman, non-binary and she/they folk.

We are gathering in respect for one another and are co-creating a safe and sacred space together. Anyone found to be violating the sacredness and safety of the event will be escorted off the property and refused re-entry to the event with no refund.

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