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Many Hear The Call – Few Answer

…The Medicine Wheel is a map of the sacred, used cross-culturally to teach and offer guidance in healing and reclaiming connection to the natural world and to all our relations….

Calling on those who are ready to say yes to their destinies and their soul’s calling. Those who feel the pull to step into their medicine shoes and embrace the totality of their being.

Those who are ready to witness themselves with eagle vision, their darkest shadows and brightest lights, and then weave them together to create the fabric of their wholeness. 

The fundamental nature of this medicine wheel is based in Peruvian Mountain Shamanism. Mountain shamanism is a connection to the land, the waters and the mountains that is formed through direct experience. We learn to listen to the spirits of the land and allow our lives to become nature informed. Through this listening we open a dialogue with the spirits of the land, the Nustas, wise ones that rest in the mountains and the waters. We learn to offer before we recieve, to come into Ayni (right relationship and reciprocity) remembering that everything is connected and that what we offer will return to us.

When we heal ourselves this ripples out into your families, communities, and to all our relations. The work of the mountain shaman is personal and collective.

Your connection to the land will strengthen as you build your mesa, as you walk the land you will weave a web, golden threads called ceke lines, connecting you and your mesa to the earth and the wise ones that wait for you there. 

The Medicine Wheel is a map of the sacred, used cross-culturally to teach and offer guidance in healing and reclaiming connection to the natural world and to all our relations. This training delivers initiation processes for personal transformation and leadership through nurturing the innate relationships with the lands, the unseen and Spirit. Participants learn energy work through direct experience, self-referencing and embodied listening to refine (reclaim)  intuition, power, wisdom and love. We build a mesa: a heart altar/power bundle of healing stones and through this apprenticeship explore medicine practices including ceremonial fires, journeying, shamanic breathing and yoga. We honour the teachings of the mesa as they were passed forward from the medicine people of the Andean mountains. Shamanic Yoga is the ancient teachings and technologies of Yoga placed within the sacred space of Shamanic Medicine. Weaving in nature, archetypes, mantra, mudras and the Wisdom of cycles to evoke transformation guides the practice. The heart of Shamanic Yoga is embracing and remembering the essence of who you are in connection to all. The work has a global, collective impact and enhances the capacity to be available to your call, your leadership and destiny. 

Land and Spiritual Acknowlegement

I recognize that everything that I teach comes from those who have walked before me. I honour and thank these warriors of light for saying yes and for carrying these teachings and passing them forward. This work comes from an intricate web of teachers, students and practice.

I acknowledge with a moment of silence the impact of patriarchy and colonization on the indigenous people, the medicine peoples, the land and the waters and all that has been lost due to appropriation, racism, exploitation, oppression, abuse and forgetting. I acknowledge the traditional territories that each participant will be joining from and pray that this work extends into their communities, building right relationship with the land and first peoples there.

I honour the great sages, Shakti and Shiva, and the motherland of yoga.

I honour the medicine peoples of the Andes, the Q’ero, and thank them for courageously sharing what was in thier hearts in response to the cries of the Earth, Pachamama. I carry these teachings with integrity and reverence, may they seed into the hearts of humanity to bring balance and Ayni.

I bow to the mountains of Peru and the Salish Coast as the source of these teachings, and I bow to the mountains and sacred waters that will be mapped by those who join this wheel. May we recognize them as our teachers while we do our medicine work.

With so much love, I offer great thanks to Christine Selda of the Shamanic Yoga Institute. The main body of the teachings in this wheel was created by her and she has given us permission to share her life’s work so that these teachings can expand beyond her community and bring healing to the Earth and all Her creations. Thank you for your ongoing support and for your warriorship!

2023 ONLINE Medicine Wheel Details

We will meet online over 4 weekends for each of the 4 cardinal directions.

Each weekend will be an immersion into initiations and processes that hold the corresponding direction. For each direction we will gather on the Friday @ 12 pm and finish on the Sunday @ 5 pm. You will find the dates below for each of the directions.

This is not a retreat!

It is for those brave and courageous souls who are ready to say YES to their becoming, by calling back the lost pieces of self and soul to then rise into the sight of the heart and the call of their destiny.

2023 Dates 

South – May 5, 6, 7

West– July 14, 15, 16

North – Oct. 27, 28, 29

East  – January 12, 13, 14 (2024)


Online over Zoom 


$2100 Pay in Full or $550 Per Direction

2 Scholarships available for Indigenous Peoples @ 50% off

*Participants – 10 max *

How to Register

This wheel is limited to 10 participants. The below link will be removed when our circle has formed.

Click the REGISTER NOW link below and you will be guided to fill out a brief application, this allows us to get to know you and collect your email address. When you complete the application you will see a link pop up directing you to your payment options. You can pay through Eventbrite or E-transfer

E-transfer your payment to

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Your Teacher

Colleen is a full mesa carrier and has apprenticed under Christine Selda of the Shamanic Yoga Institute. She is carrying these teachings forward with permissibility, from the SYI as well as the medicine men and women of the Andean mountains who hold the lineage of her mesa. She connects with the timeless lineage of light carriers and becomes a bridge for the medicine to work within and for the collective.

Colleen Reid

My heart sings for deep connections and the wildest of places. I feel most at home when I am amongst the trees and on the belly of a mountain. My commitment and dedication to this work is fuelled by a soul’s purpose to support my human family in remembering their connection to the earth, their worth, and finding their freedom.
I am the creatrix of SHE IS WILD FEST and Wild Wellness and hold monthly moon gatherings and retreats throughout the year. I am a mama of 2 wild boys and am supported by my heart-centred man and partner in life. I teach from my experience, from my own healing journey and through channelling my guides. My style of teaching is through embodiment and direct experience. My role is not to simply speak to your remembering but to open the gateway that leads you there. My medicines are song, primal movement, and unconditional love. I am here to give you your power back and support you as your reclaim your belonging and align with your soul’s calling.

RYT- 200

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