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This one’s for the GIRLS!
An Empowered Woman Can Change the World.
September 28th, 2019
The Tipi at Eastwood Organic Orchards
(2995 Dunster Rd)
Investment is $75 ($25 holds your seat until Sept 1st)
This event is for those beauties transitioning into their womanhood,
Ages 11-17. It’s for those coming into their moon cycles and who are ready to come into a sacred relationship with this creative force. This event is for the young women who wants to know more about stepping into her power, listening to her intuition and becoming her best self while being gifted the experience of sacred circle and the warmth of sisterhood. It’s a time to move into independence from the parent figure and begin/continue to discover who they are!
Girls Empowered was created to hold space for the adolescent girl, to give her a tool set that she can resource from as she navigates this sensitive time in her life. This day will be packed full of interactive lessons and activities while connecting in circle with her “sister’s”.
Each girl will take home a handbook, her “Guide to Empowerment” as well as a personal vision board she has created during the day, Wild wear Crown that she has crafted, and photo of herself from our ‘Magic Me” photo shoot.

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Wild Woman is the teacher of truth, of authenticity. She sparks play and passion and sacredness within us. She calls on women to find their pack, to rise together letting go of judgement, comparison and envy. She asks us instead to love our sisters and witness her unique gifts, and honor our own! She teaches us that through creative expression we can commune with our true nature. we can connect to soul. She reminds us that we each have a voice and that we are not serving anyone by playing small and silencing it.
This will be a fun filled day of group chats, crafting, guided meditation, games and pack building with healthy snacks and kombucha provided.
I’m thrilled to welcome guest teacher Rebecca from
nourisHER, Mind Body Soul Womb, to teach our sacred cycles piece.
Blessings Sweetones,
(Example of wild wear crowns)
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